We believe people can and should be able to lead out to make our world better. We believe that constructively empowering people at work will also make leaders more effective – and the world more productive. More importantly, we believe it will make our work – and our lives – better and more fulfilling.


The key is to make it easier to efficiently engage employees and leaders to:
• Creatively solve their own problems together, and
• Buy in to improvements together – accelerating productive change.


Over many years, Vici has been solving the language and tools of empowered change – creating a simpler and more productive way for leaders and employees to jointly create a “better” that can easily be measured in profitability.
In the process, our clients have been adding 300 to 1,000 basis points in operating margins.

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Effectively bringing management and employees together to accelerate change requires:

  1.  A shared belief that management and employees achieve more by working together.
  2.  A simpler and more productive “language” to create real change that feeds into the P&L.
  3.  Tools and problem-solving guidance that help leaders and teams.
    1. Understand “where they are now” with $, time, materials and profitability,
    2. Generate specific, actionable ideas for change,
    3. Access the specific problem-solving skills of great consulting firms,
    4. Build solid, consistently formatted business cases that feed directly to the P&L,
    5. Document stakeholder consensus to implement,
    6. Replace top-down budget estimates with detailed bottoms-up ownership, and
    7. Track results and hold people accountable for increases in profitability.

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