Hundreds of companies announce earnings programs every year - 70% fall short
of their target.

Why? Because their people didn’t buy into the changes
and didn’t feel accountable.

Companies that succeed follow a system to get buy-in.

They use the
right tools.

They follow a quick
& proven process.

They use expert coaching
to teach their people how
to get the best results.

Failure vs Success

Top-Down Targets Specific Ideas for Change
Inconsistent Process Clear Weekly Tasks
“As Long as It Takes” Short Timeline
Inconsistent Business Cases Detailed P&L for Each Change
Inconsistent Business Cases Detailed P&L for Each Change
PowerPoint & Excel Software Tools & Reporting
Consultants Recommend Changes Managers Champion Changes
Blockers Question Stakeholders Sign-off in the Details
Track $ but not Changes Track Each Change ($, Milestones)
Surprise Outcomes Real-Time Visibility
Limited Buy-in
VS Earnings
Documented Buy-in


10 Questions that reveal whether an
Earnings Program Will Succeed?

Find out if you are on the right track

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